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Congratulations 2021 Graduate Student Award Winners!

Last week at our November 2021 Alumni Reunion, we announced this years Graduate Student Award winners- Congratulations to you all! Our winners are as follows:

Ed Shuter Scholarship - Kasra Asnaashari

Edward Piers Memorial Award in Organic Chemistry – Alla Pryyma

Brian and Jane James Graduate Scholarship in Catalysis Research – Shaoxuan Ren

Sandra Morris and Richard Tillyer Scholarship in Chemistry – Shipei Xing and Andrew Kukor

Michael and Mary Gerry Graduate Scholarship in Physical Chemistry – Alexander Polgar

Ronald George Cavell Graduate Scholarship in Inorganic Chemistry – Erick Nunez Bahena

Dr. Wilma Ethel Elias Scholarship in Chemistry – Yu Xi, Ghinwa Darwish, Aoxue Huang, Jade Poisson

Arthur S. Hawkes Scholarship in Chemistry – Jian Guo and Jiayu Li

Chemistry Graduate Student Society Prize in Science Outreach – Julie McNutt