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Funding Priorities

Priority Programs

  • Chemistry Graduate Fellowship Fund
  • Department of Chemistry Endowment Fund
  • Graduate Student Virtual Transformation Series


Student Support

There are a number of different awards available for you to create, allowing UBC Chemistry students the opportunity to realize their dreams, contribute to society, and go out into the world equipped to make a difference.


Awards are used for awards that include non-academic criteria and are not solely needs-based. This includes volunteerism and soft skills such as leadership ability.  Awards can be established in honour or in memory of a family member, friend, or colleague, and can be a fitting way to recognize the accomplishments of someone who has touched your life. You can choose to fund an award on a year-toyear basis or in perpetuity


Scholarships are awarded to students based on academic achievement. They can be for students in a specific Faculty, program, or year. 


Prizes are awarded to students to recognize academic excellence in a particular area of study or completion course/program. 


Bursaries are awarded to students based solely on unmet financial need. 


Fellowships are prestigious awards for graduate students generally worth upwards of $20,000. They are given based on academic excellence and/or research productivity. They can specify graduate program, year, or a particular area of study. 

Annual Awards

You can choose to fund an award on a year-to-year basis with an annual gift. If you choose to establish an ongoing award annually, an initial commitment of at least three years and a financial commitment of at least $10,000 is required.

Endowed Awards

An endowment supports your award in perpetuity. The university uses only the investment income generation by the capital to provide the award yearly. In this manner, the fund begins to build for the future, enabling the value of the award to increase over time.



UBC Chemistry aims to offer the latest technologies to our researchers and students. We want to ensure that our team has the necessary infrastructure to conduct their experiments and to succeed in their research. Your donations help ensure that research is continued until the discovery is made.


Supporting Our Research

COVID-19 Research Fund

Chemistry students and trained chemists are needed to help Canada and the world in response to COVID-19. Here in the department, we have Ready-To-Launch COVID-19 proposals that are seeking support. You can support these projects by donating to a general fund that helps fund graduate students working on these projects or fully funding a specific project of your choice.