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Guillaume Bussiere


Research and Teaching Interests

Laboratory Courses:


1) Integrated Laboratories (CHEM 315/325/335/345)

2) Projects in Experimental Chemistry (CHEM 445)

I am particularly interested in developing new experiments to teach physical chemistry using a Hands-On Learning approach.

I am also interested in teaching the use of numerical models to simulate experimental data.

I offer RLE and summer projects to undergraduate students.

Current projects: 

1) REMPI (Resonance-Enhanced  Multi-Photon Ionisation) spectroscopy.

2) Development of new experiments that will use of numerical models to simulate experimental outcomes.

3) Development of new mass spectrometry and spectroscopy experiments.

Lecture Course:

Physical Chemistry (CHEM 205, Section 210, Monday, Wednesday, Friday 10:00-11:00 am)

CHEM 205 topics:

1) Thermodynamics

2) Spectroscopy

3) Kinetics


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Chemistry Lab B450A
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