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Jaclyn (Jackie) Stewart


Research and Teaching Interests

Currently, I am serving a five-year term as Associate Dean Academic in the Faculty of Science. In this role, I am responsible for the Faculty's curriculum process; administering programs such as Science One, Coordinated Science, Integrated Science, Combined Major in Science, and Science 101; managing the Skylight Science Centre for Learning and Teaching; and administering the Science Killam Teaching Prizes, student evaluation of teaching, and Killam Graduate Teaching Awards.

Course I teach:

Chemistry 100: Foundations of Chemistry

Chemistry 121: Structural Chemistry with Applications to Chemistry of the Elements

Chemistry 123: Physical and Organic Chemistry

Chemistry 233: Organic Chemistry for the Biological Sciences

Chemistry 300: Communicating Chemistry

Chemistry 445: Research Learning Experience in Chemistry Education

Chemistry 448: Directed Studies in Chemistry Education

Science 113: First-Year Seminar in Science

Science 300: Communicating Science






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Chemistry E320
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Curriculum Vitae

B.Sc. Honours Chemistry, UBC

M.Sc. Wood Science, UBC

Ph.D. Educational Psychology, SFU



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Duis, J. M. ; Schafer, L. L. ; Nussbaum, S. ; Stewart, J. J. A Process For Developing Introductory Science Laboratory Learning Goals To Enhance Student Learning And Instructional Alignment. Journal of Chemical Education 2013, 90, 1144–1150.


Stewart, J. J. ; Akiyama, T. ; Chapple, C. ; Ralph, J. ; Mansfield, S. D. The Effects On Lignin Structure Of Overexpression Of Ferulate 5-Hydroxylase In Hybrid Poplar1. Plant physiology 2009, 150, 621–635.


Stewart, J. J. ; Kadla, J. F. ; Mansfield, S. D. The Influence Of Lignin Chemistry And Ultrastructure On The Pulping Efficiency Of Clonal Aspen (Populus Tremuloides Michx.). Holzforschung 2006, 60, 111–122.