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Laurel Schafer launches CREATE Sustainable Synthesis program

UBC Chemistry Professor Laurel Schafer was recently awarded funding for a 2013 Industrial Collaborative Research and Training Experience (CREATE) Program in the area of Sustainable Synthesis. Through this program young scientists will receive interdisciplinary training with areas of expertise ranging from chemistry, chemical and biological engineering to pharmaceutical sciences.  In an effort to prepare industry ready graduates with skills relevant to the growing green economy and clean technologies, all graduate students will be completing a 4 to 8 month internship in Canadian Industry. 


The program, funded by NSERC CREATE, supports collaborative training in an integrated scientific environment addressing challenges related to Canada’s research priorities, such as improved alternative energy sources, improved energy efficiency and reduced waste generation in chemical synthesis. The program also serves as a transitional platform between training to employment for young researchers.

 While the program is mainly aimed toward graduate students, there are some postdoctoral and summer research/undergraduate positions available. For more information about the CREATE Sustainable Synthesis program, and how to get involved, please e-mail Prof. Schafer at .


For more information about the program, click here.