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The Love and Schafer groups article is featured on the cover of Organometallic

Amidate-Ligated Complexes of Rhodium(I): A Showcase of Coordination Flexibility

A series of rhodium(I) amidate complexes have been prepared and characterized in the solution and solid state. For these new complexes, three different ligand coordination modes (κ2-N,O, μ2-N,O, and κ1-O) have been identified. One complex was effective for catalytic oxygen atom transfer using O2. In contrast to Wilkinson's catalyst (RhCl(PPh3) 3), κ2-N,O coordination helps to obviate dimerization of an intermediate peroxo complex, allowing for catalytic turnover. See the paper by Drover, Schafer, and Love on pages 1783–1786. Dr. Renee Man (Department of Chemistry, The University of British Columbia) is thanked for help with preparation of the cover image. View the article.