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Standing Account Information

Standing Account Information

New customers who would like to be authorized to make purchases from Chemistry Stores and have access to the Chemistry Product Store in Planon will need to fill out one of the forms below. The customer’s manager or supervisor must email the form to storesaccounts@chem.ubc.ca to authorize the customer. If purchases will be made on a grant then the Principal Investigator or Grant Manager must authorize the customer by email. A person must be active in Workday before they can be given access to Planon.

Chem Product Stores Access Form - New Customer(updated October 2022)

Use this form to set up a new grant, or change a grant, with many users on a single form. Please complete all information so that all users can be authorized:

Chem Product Store Access Form – New Grant(updated October 2022)


Quick Guide Ordering Information

Please review this guide before your first order for help answering simple questions. If you have further questions please send them to storz@chem.ubc.ca.

Customer Quick Order Instructions