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UBC Chemistry: Take Part in the 2013 Shut the Sash Competition!



Laboratories consume 10 times as much energy as other types of buildings on campus—from offices and classrooms to dorms. The biggest culprit? Fume hoods. Large amounts of energy are used to warm, cool and move air through fume hoods where researchers run experiments. A single fume hood can use over three times the energy of an entire household.


The Competition


The Campus Sustainability Office is introducing a six-week competition (Jan. 28 – Mar. 8, 2013) to encourage researchers who use VAV fume hoods to shut the sash in order to lower the fan’s speed and the volume of air being used.


Teams will compete head-to-head to see who can consistently outperform the competition during spot checks on fume hoods. The first-place team in each building wins $500; second place earns $250.


How to sign up for the Shut the Sash Competition


In 2013, from January 28th to March 8th you and your lab group are invited to participate in the second Shut the Sash competition. We are asking researchers who work in labs with VAV fume hoods to form teams and compete in weekly challenges. Spot checks on fume hoods will determine the prizewinners.


Steps to sign up your team:

§  Select someone from your group to be the team representative and act as the primary Shut the Sash contact.

§  Sign up your team for the competition by emailing  .  Please provide your team representative’s name and email, or, have them contact us directly.

§  Your group is encouraged to choose a fun team name when signing up. 

§  Please reply or ask the team rep to reply by January 18th, 2013.


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