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UBC Collaborators launch QuEST an NSERC CREATE Program in Quantum Electronic Science & Technology

UBC Chemistry Professors Sarah Burke, George Sawatzky, and Andrew MacFarlane are among a team of UBC research collaborators involved in the Quantum Electronic Science & Technology, or QuEST program. The aim of the program is to “give students a broad technical basis and a well-rounded perspective of how their research in quantum materials can impact society through technology transfer to existing companies and to high-technology startups.” Students who take part in the program can expect to obtain strong leadership and communications skills while developing innovative solutions to complex problems in materials science.


The program, funded by NSERC CREATE, supports collaborative training in an integrated scientific environment addressing challenges related to Canada’s research priorities. The program also serves as a transitional platform between training to employment for young researchers.


While the program is mainly aimed toward graduate students, there are some summer research/undergraduate positions available. For more information about QuEST, and how to get involved, visit