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UBC Earthquake ShakeOut!

It's the largest earthquake drill in Canadian history! This October 20, prepare to "drop, cover and hold" for the Great British Columbia ShakeOut.

Set to begin at 10:20am, the drill will require participants across BC to take cover for up to two minutes in response to a simulated earthquake event.

British Columbia is one of the most active seismic faults in the world with over 1200 earthquakes recorded per year. Devastating quakes in Japan and New Zealand, and the recent 6.4 magnitude earthquake off of Vancouver Island have made clear just how important it is to be prepared.

Simultaneous ShakeOut events will take place in Yukon, California, Oregon, Central US, Guam and New Zealand, making October 20 the biggest earthquake drill in history.

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What should you do when an earthquake strikes?
- Get under a sturdy piece of furniture.
COVER - Protect your head and neck.
HOLD - Hold on during the shaking and wait 60 seconds before coming out.