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Chris Addison


Research and Teaching Interests

Courses (2015/2016)

CHEM 154: Engineering Chemistry

SCIE 001: Science One


Teaching Interests

Integrated first-year science cases to enhance student learning

Team Based Learning in the first-year Chemistry classroom: Implications for student learning

Using computational chemistry to teach first-year cheistry


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Curriculum Vitae

B.Sc. (Hons), Univeristy of Victoria (A.G. Brolo, 2002)

M.Sc., University of Victoria (A.G. Brolo, 2005)

Ph.D., University of British Columbia (R.F.B. Turner and M.W. Blades, 2011)



Konorov, S. O. ; Schulze, H. G. ; Addison, C. J. ; Haynes, C. A. ; Blades, M. W. ; Turner, R. F. B. Ultraviolet Resonance Raman Spectroscopy Of Locked Single-Stranded Oligo(Da) Reveals Conformational Implications Of The Locked Ribose In Lna. Journal of Raman Spectroscopy 2009, 40, 1162-1171.
Addison, C. J. ; Konorov, S. O. ; Brolo, A. G. ; Blades, M. W. ; Turner, R. F. B. Tuning Gold Nanoparticle Self-Assembly For Optimum Coherent Anti-Stokes Raman Scattering And Second Harmonic Generation Response. Journal of Physical Chemistry C 2009, 113, 3586-3592.


Blades, M. W. ; Schulze, H. G. ; Konorov, S. O. ; Addison, C. J. ; Jirasek, A. I. ; Turner, R. F. B. New Tools For Life Science Research Based On Fiber-Optic-Linked Raman And Resonance Raman Spectroscopy. In New Approaches in Biomedical Spectroscopy; Kneipp, K. ; Aroca, R. ; Kneipp, H. ; E. trupByrne, W. ; New Approaches in Biomedical Spectroscopy; Amer Chemical Soc: Washington, 2007; Vol. 963, pp. 1-13.


Konorov, S. O. ; Addison, C. J. ; Schulze, H. G. ; Turner, R. F. B. ; Blades, M. W. Hollow-Core Photonic Crystal Fiber-Optic Probes For Raman Spectroscopy. Optics Letters 2006, 31, 1911-1913.
Schulze, H. G. ; Yu, M. M. L. ; Addison, C. J. ; Blades, M. W. ; Turner, R. F. B. Automated Estimation Of White Gaussian Noise Level In A Spectrum With Or Without Spike Noise Using A Spectral Shifting Technique. Applied Spectroscopy 2006, 60, 820-825.