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UBC Chemistry Professor Launches Scientist in Residence Program

In the fall of 2010, Professor Mark MacLachlan had an idea. Unlike the thoughts of exotic materials, liquid crystals, and macrocycles that currently consume most of his time, this was an outreach initiative. The idea was simple:  send upper year graduate students with a keen interest for science outreach to rural BC communities. These students would then build enthusiasm about science in students who would not generally have the opportunity to meet a real ‘scientist’ and...

Tamara Kunz and Susan Vickers awarded 2013 Faculty of Science Achievement Awards

Congratulations to the following members of the Chemistry Department for being awarded a 2013 Faculty of Science Achievement Award late last week.

Glenn Sammis awarded 2012-2013 Killam Teaching Prize

Congratulations to Dr. Glenn Sammis who was recently awarded a 2012-2013 UBC Killam Teaching Prize. UBC Killam Teaching Prizes are awarded annually, from the Killam Endowment Fund, to faculty nominated by students, colleagues, and alumni in recognition of excellence in teaching.

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Perrin group highlighted as cover artwork of ACS Combinatorial Science

A paper entitled “Toward the Combinatorial Selection of Chemically Modified DNAzyme RNase A Mimics Active Against all-RNA Substrates” has been highlighted for the cover artwork of a recent issue of ACS Combinatorial Science. The article authored by M. Hollenstein, C. J. Hipolito, C. H. Lam, and David Perrin of the Chemistry reports on their work towards the elusive goal of finding a M2+-free RNaseA mimic capable of cleaving a viral mRNA target for potential therapeutic...

Journal article from Grant research group featured in Highlights of 2012 collection of the Journal of Physics B

A paper entitled “Recombinative dissociation and the evolution of a molecular ultracold plasma” has been selected for inclusion in the Highlights of 2012 collection of the Journal of Physics B: Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics.  The article authored by Nicolas Saquet, Jonathan P Morrison and Edward Grant of the Chemistry explores how dissociation into neutral fragments can introduce novel elements in the dynamics of an ultracold plasma.

Graduate Student, Eric Price, receives 2013 Berson-Yalow Award

Congratulations to UBC Chemistry and TRIUMF graduate student, Eric Price, who was recently awarded the 2013 Berson-Yalow Award by the Society of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging (SNMMI). The award, which will be formally presented during the 60th SNMMI Annual Meeting on June 10th, honors researchers who have submitted an abstract to the SNMMI Annual Meeting, making the most significant contributions to basic or clinical radioassays.  The award winning abstract submitted by...

Takamasa Momose and Co-workers make Cover of Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics

A paper entitled “Manipulation of Translational Motion of Methyl Radicals by Pulsed Magnetic Fields” has been highlighted and featured as the back cover artwork in a February issue of Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics.  The communication authored by Takamasa Momose, Y. Liu, S. Zhou, and P. Djuricanin of the Chemistry Department and D. Carty of the Departments of Chemistry and Physics at Durham University demonstrates the manipulation of the translational motion of polyatomic free...

Eleonora Petryayeva and Co-workers make Cover of Applied Spectroscopy

A paper entitled “Quantum Dots in Bioanalysis: A Review of Applications Across Various Platforms for Fluorescence Spectroscopy and Imaging” has been highlighted and featured as the cover artwork on the March edition of Applied Spectroscopy.  The review, authored by E. Petryayeva and Russ Algar of the Chemistry Department and I. L. Medintz of the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory, reports on the current state-of-the-art in using semiconductor nanoparticles, called “quantum dots,” to...

Prof. Steve Withers and Collaborators Develop New Drug with Anti-viral Activity

Congratulations to Prof. Steve Withers and collaborators on their recent publication in Science Express entitled “Mechanism-Based Covalent Neuraminidase Inhibitors with Broad Spectrum Influenza Antiviral Activity”.


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UBC Chemistry! You’re invited: NanoLytica Symposium

On Thursday, March 14th, 2013 PerkinElmer (in partnership with SFU) will be hosting a FREE educational Symposium on the latest technological advances and analytical techniques in the field of nanotechnology.


Distinguished speakers include nanotechnology experts from academia, government, industry and PerkinElmer – including UBC Chemistry’s Dr. Russ Algar, who will be speaking on Nanoparticles for Biosensing/Therapeutics.

Akram Khodabandehloo receives 4YF

Congradulations to Akram Khodabandehloo, who has received the Four Year Doctoral Fellowship (4YF) from the University of British Coumbia.

Sherry Zhao wins the Student Travel Grant

Congratulations to Sherry Zhao, who has received the Student Travel Grant to attend CE Pharm 2012.

Prof. Donald Fleming named an APS Fellow of Chemical Physics

Congratulations to Donald Fleming, who was elected as an APS Fellow in the Division of Chemical Physics on Nov. 4, 2012. This fellowship was granted in recognition of his pioneering work in utilizing muon beams in studies of physical chemical sciences.

UBC Collaborators launch QuEST an NSERC CREATE Program in Quantum Electronic Science & Technology

UBC Chemistry Professors Sarah Burke, George Sawatzky, and Andrew MacFarlane are among a team of UBC research collaborators involved in the Quantum Electronic Science & Technology, or QuEST program.

Chang Liu receives 2013 ACD Graduate Student Award in Honour of Walter Harris

Congratulations to Chang Liu, a PhD Candidate in the Chen group, who has just received a 2013 Analytical Chemistry Division Graduate Student Award in Honour of Walter Harris. The award will be presented following an award lecture given by Liu at the 96th Canadian Chemistry Conference and Exhibition taking place in Quebec City from May 26-30th, 2013. Liu’s research is on the topic of novel continuous chemical purification platform development.


mISUBC Chemistry Alumni Dr. Andrew Tait wins 2012 Innovation Challenge Award

On October 15, 2012, the recipients of the 2012 Innovation Challenge Award were announced. Among the 9 recipients was Dr. Andrew Tait, a recent graduate from the Straus group here at UBC Chemistry.

Marco Ciufolini awarded 2013 R. U. Lemieux Award

Congratulations to Professor Marco Ciufolini who was recently awarded the 2013 R. U. Lemieux Award. The award recognizes organic chemists who are working in Canada and who have made distinguished contributions to the fields of organic chemistry. Professor Ciufolini will be presented with this award at the 96th Canadian Chemistry Conference and Exhibition taking place in Quebec City from May 26-30th, 2013, where he will also present this work at in invited award lecture...

UBC Chemistry: Take Part in the 2013 Shut the Sash Competition!



Laboratories consume 10 times as much energy as other types of buildings on campus—from offices and classrooms to dorms. The biggest culprit? Fume hoods. Large amounts of energy are used to warm, cool and move air through fume hoods where researchers run experiments. A single fume hood can use over three times the energy of an entire household.


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Camille Gregory's Simple Wish - To Complete a B.Sc. in Chemistry

     This year, the Department of Chemistry has seen just over 100 students receive B.Sc., M.Sc., and Ph.D. degrees. This week, as Fall Convocation celebrations take place, 30 of these chemistry students will be recognized. For those students, it has taken years of hard work and dedication; all of the papers are now written, and exams are now passed. It is their time to shine - 15 seconds of academic fame – to walk across the stage and be handed a gold embossed piece of paper.

Special Issue of Coord Chem Rev co-edited by Pierre Kennepohl

Pierre Kennepohl co-edited a massive two-volume special issue of Coordination Chemistry Reviews (volume 257, Issues 1-2) - dedicated to the contributions of Prof Edward I Solomon (Stanford University) on the occasion of his 65th birthday. The issue was co-edited by Peng Chen (Cornell University), Daniel Gamelin (University of Washington) with Pierre. All three were doctoral students in Ed's labs in the late 1990's.