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Robin Stoodley


Research and Teaching Interests

Current duties:

CHEM 300 Communicating chemistry (lecture course)

CHEM 319 Practical research skills in chemistry (lecture course)

CHEM 341 Global challenges in chemistry (lecture course)

CHEM 315/325/335/345 Integrated Laboratory course (analytical portion)

CHEM 445 Projects in Experimental Chemistry course (analytical portion)


Past duties:

CHEM 211 Quantitative Chemical Analysis course (lecture and laboratories)

SCIE 300 Communicating Science Lecture course



-Laboratory curriculum development

-Laboratory experiment development

-Open-ended and inquiry-format laboratory experiments

-Learning through group-work

-Building learning communities amongst students


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Chemistry C224
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Drop by when convenient for you
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Curriculum Vitae

B.Sc. (Hons), University of British Columbia (2000)

Ph.D., University of British Columbia (D. Bizzotto & K.Wasan, 2007)

Teaching Faculty, University of Calgary (2007-2009)

Instructor I, University of British Columbia (2009 - 2014)

Senior Instructor, University of British Columbia (2014 - present)



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